Who was Nikola Tesla? A brief biography of the inventor

Nikola Tesla Inventor Black White Age 34

Portrait of well-known inventor Nikola Tesla on the age of 34.

Wikimedia Commons (Public Area)

July 10 is the birthday of Nikola Tesla, who would have turned 161 right now.

It is a good time to rejoice the lifetime of a Serbian-American engineer and physicist: with out Tesla, you won’t have the ability to affordably energy your house, let this sentence learn.

Tesla filed over 300 patents throughout his 86 years of life, and his innovations helped pave the best way for present (AC), electrical motors, radios, fluorescent lights, lasers, and distant controls, amongst many different issues. Of.

A few of his ideas later in life, nevertheless, nonetheless appear unusual. For instance, he as soon as described the plan of the Demise Ray, and pointed to a different concept for an impenetrable “wall of pressure” to discourage and destroy alien invasions.

This is a glimpse into the exceptional lifetime of certainly one of historical past’s most vital – and prodigious – geniuses.

Tanya Lewis wrote a earlier model of this story.

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